Saturday, June 11, 2016

We had planned to tour the fjord from Skagwag to Haines on an ocean raft today but space was only available yesterday afternoon. That turned out to be serendipity as the weather yesterday was outstanding but today it is cloudy, windy, with some rain. The train ride up thru White Pass was marvelous but for excitement it paled compared to our ride on a 750 HP ocean raft. The ocean raft is similar to what the Navy Seals use but has been fitted with seats that reminds one of a saddle. We were told that while the raft is moving to keep one hand on the grip bar at all times. It was suggested that if we were enjoying the ride to throw the other hand up and wave it back and forth as if riding a bull. The author did that several times. To ride we were required to don special suites to keep warm and dry. Some of us felt like we were getting ready to board the space shuttle. Others were concerned about the lack of fashion in their new garments.
Aren't we cute in our new suites
Receiving instructions on how to board the raft
Sorry officer, I was unaware of the too ugly law
Is that you Pam?
What a cute couple
We did not see as many animals on the tour as we had hoped. Just like the rest of North America, the weather in Alaska is abnormal due to El Nino. We possibly got more snow in Knoxville this winter than they did in Whitehorse. This has affected where the animals are and how they behave. We did see quite a few harbor seals and bald eagles.  
Harbor seals
Our captain
Our guide and naturalist
After sadly removing our carrot suites we headed for the car when we saw a sign that read fresh crabs and halibut. We decided to stop for some fish and chips on the way back to the campground.
Halibut fish and chips

Check out the short video below of our thrilling ride on the ocean raft.

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