Friday, April 8, 2016

Bob and Pam at Mount Rushmore

Bo doing what he does best
Buffy in her favorite spot

Hi, we are Bob and Pam Nodine and love to travel in our motorhome with our two Wheaten Terriers, Buffy and Bo. Being two months away from 70 (my age not Pam's) I have never caught on to Facebook, Twitter, etc. When I see how much time my children and grand children spend reading and posting to these forms of media I seriously doubt that I would want to take that much time from my day to participate. That brings us to this blog. A number of family members, friends, and associates have expressed an interest in following our adventures as we travel to and from Alaska this summer. A blog provides a convenient method for achieving that task and so here we are attempting to be a blogger. This is our first post so please excuse any novice attributes and bear with us as we stumble down the learning path to proficiency.