Sunday, June 19, 2016

There are few things to do in Tok but we enjoyed the downtime. The big attraction in Tok seems to be Fast Eddy's Restaurant and we must admit the food and service were outstanding. Two items on the breakfast menu are homemade blueberry pancakes and giant cinnamon buns. The small gold mining community of Chicken is another attraction. Chicken is a 160 mile round trip drive from Tok so the trip there and back is an all day affair. We started the day with breakfast at Fast Eddy's and then traveled up the Taylor Highway to Chicken. The term highway should be considered merely a road that varies from patched tar and gravel with numerous frost heaves, to loose gravel and dirt. It seems that description fits most of the so called highways in the Yukon and Alaska.

We discovered that Chicken has very little to offer and is one of those places we would skip if we ever do this trip again. We will say it was the first time in our lives that we were in a store that sold gold mining equipment. The mail in Chicken is delivered by plane twice a week and below is a photo of the US Post Office. We found the Saloon and Mercantile to be interesting because the bar tender-cashier was located between the two in the liquor store. She would dart back and forth between the three locations serving the customers. See the photo.

Bob and Pam in front of local attraction

Shopping in Chicken

Tom and Van at the bar in Chicken

The post office in Chicken

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