Thursday, June 9, 2016

In Whitehorse near the airport is located what must be the largest weather vane in the world. It is a retired DC-3 mounted on a post. The old plane always points with the wind. We actually saw it move while we were taking the photo.
Two other attractions in Whitehorse are the Klondike, an old paddle boat, and Miles Canyon. We were confused about Miles Canyon until we went there and read the sign. In our mind we were thinking a canyon miles wide or something along those lines. Turns out the name has nothing to do with distance and the canyon is named after a U.S. Army officer with the last name Miles.
Miles Canyon
The sled dog training facility we visited yesterday was interesting and we will make a post about that later. Today is moving day and we are headed for Skagway. Time to get the show on  the road.

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