Saturday, June 18, 2016

We drove up the Haines Highway on Tuesday intersecting the Alaska Highway in Haines Junction. The weather was clear when we left Haines but quickly turned rainy and cloudy as we started our climb over the mountains. That was unfortunate because the scenery would have been magnificent. We stopped at a service station in Haines Junction and topped off the diesel tank and then continued on to Congdon Creek. We camped for the night at a Yukon Government campground in Congdon Creek. The weather was wet, cold, and windy. We got the impression that the view of the lake was beautiful but the weather was not favorable.

Wednesday morning we all headed out for the first major Alaskan town on the Alaska Highway, Tok. We had been told that the stretch of road between Haines Junction and Tok was the worst on the Alaska Highway. That turned out to be a fact. For that reason we were not sure if we would make it all the way to Tok on Wednesday. Often the top speed was 20 MPH. We did not find any favorable places to spend the night so just kept going until we reached Tok. After all, there is about 22 hours of day light at this time of year. They say it gets dark about 2 am but we have not witnessed the darkness. We go to bed in daylight and awake in daylight.

We found a campground in Tok and decided to stay for four nights to give us some needed down time. Our vehicles and motorhomes were dirty beyond recognition and there were some repairs that needed to be taken care of. The journey to Tok brought us back to the US and another boarder crossing. Notice in the photo below that the boarder between Canada and Alaska is cleared of trees and growth.

We are back in Alaska

Walking just a few feet we are in the Yukon again

The border between the US and Canada

Pam sitting in the Yukon and Bob in Alaska

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