Friday, June 10, 2016

The South Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Skagway was a beautiful drive and the scenery just kept on pleasing. The following photos show some of the highlights.
 The next photo shows us parked at the pullout where the previous photo was shot.
There was a little excitement when a brown bear decided to run across the road in front of us.
We made it to the US boarder and Alaska. Of course we will be leaving Alaska again and travel back into Canada before we finally reach the main Alaska border. To understand that look at a map and locate Skagway and then locate Fairbanks.

To give you a feel for how much snow covers White Pass in the winter take a look at this photo of the snow plow markers showing the operator where the road is.
Here is a photo of an early train with a rotary snow plow on the front to navigate the deep snow at White Pass in the winter.

The trip down the mountain from White Pass to Skagway was quite a grade since we descended from about 3000 feet to sea level. We were in second gear most of the time. One thing you lean very quick when driving a 32000 pound vehicle towing a 5000 pound car is to keep your speed down on the grades. We made it to Skagway and our campground around noon local time. Yes, we lost another hour because Alaska time is one hour behind Pacific time. We are now 4 hours behind Knoxville.
Here are a few shots of downtown Skagway. Notice all the cruise ship patrons walking around. One shot is of an original building that is still in use.

We are off to ride the train up to White Pass so got to get moving.

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  1. Glad all is good for you all. Enjoying your posts. Look forward to more posts.