Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today, with the exception of Rich and Joan, we all made it to downtown Dawson Creek and the infamous "Mile Zero" marker. Rich and Joan had already toured the area since they arrived several days before the rest of us. We plan a photo with everyone at the mile marker sign near the museum. The actual mile marker is in the middle of an intersection making group photos somewhat perilous. For that reason the town of Dawson Creek erected a "Mile Post" sign at the museum not far away. Seven of us did venture out into the street to have our picture taken at the actual mile marker zero.

How long has it been since you used a pay phone? Here is Craig pretending to use the pay phone.
After walking around downtown and touring the museum we hopped back into our vehicles and drove up the Alaska Highway to find the famous curved wooden bridge. The bridge is located on a portion of the highway that is no longer used and has been replaced with a shorter route.
The following photo shows how scenic the old highway can be as one meanders down the road. Up ahead is Craig, Angie, and Van. Tom, Paula, Pam, and I follow in another vehicle.
 A view of the bridge.
View from the bridge.

We could have visited the bridge on our way north Friday but all our motorhomes exceed the weight limit of the bridge. The bridge is only a short drive from Dawson Creek so we chose to use our cars for the visit.

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