Sunday, July 31, 2016

Turned out that Tom, Paula, and Van ended up at Calgary West Campground with us on Thursday night and Rich and Joan managed to find a spot about 20 miles south of Calgary. The three coaches at Calgary West traveled south together and caught back up with Rich and Joan at the welcome to Canada visitor center in Milk River. This is the same visitor center we gathered at two months earlier after crossing into Canada on Thursday, May 26. It has been a two month period of our life that we can reminisce about for years to come.  With the exception of the roads, it was a wonderful and exciting experience with good friends who helped each other throughout the journey.

We all camped in Shelby Montana Friday night and got together at a local restaurant for one more meal before going to different destinations on Saturday. Craig and Angie stayed in Canada for a few more days and we missed them at our get together. Tom, Paula, and Van will travel together for awhile longer stopping in Ogden Utah and the Grand Canyon. Rich and Joan are bound for Cody Wyoming to meet friends and Pam and I will stay another day in Shelby and drive over to Glacier National Park.

Shelby Montana is a small town just off I-15 in the plains south of the Canadian border. The town is a major railroad hub and many of the resident are employed by the railroad. Here is a photo of our campsite in a new RV park that is part of the Comfort Inn. In the photo the interstate bridge over the many railroad tracks is visible on the left of our motorhome. The yellow building to the rear is the Comfort Inn. The log building is the bathhouse and it is a very nice bathhouse with knotty pine boards on the walls and ceiling. Notice the lampposts are LED street lamps and the whole place is like daylight at night. Each lamp post has two security cameras and we felt safe. The WiFi is free and very fast and our phone had 5 bars of 4G service.

Shelby RV Park

How many of you remember the Sinclair Service Stations with the dinosaur. They still have those out west and we filled up at the one in Shelby after our long drive Saturday to Glacier National Park and back.

Put a dinosaur in your tank

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