Monday, August 1, 2016

On Saturday we spent the day driving over to Glacier National Park and back. After Alaska and the Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park was somewhat of a let down. The scenery was subdued compared to what we recently experienced and the crowds and traffic were horrendous. Most all of the pullouts along the road were full of vehicles limiting opportunities to stop, and the visitor center parking lot at Logan Pass was over capacity. We had to take turns driving around the parking lot while the other one got out to look around and use the rest room. The literature claims there are two glaciers but we only saw one.

One of the more scenic views was of a lake.

Logan Pass is on the Continental Divide

The next photo shows how crowed the parking lot was at Logan Pass.

A point of interest was the road through the park. Some sections are narrow and carved out of the mountain side. There aren't any guard rails and only a precarious stone wall about two feet in height. Here is a photo of a section of the road on the west side of Logan Pass. The grade descends for over ten miles.

Here is a more substantial section of the wall and notice that a section must have crumbled down the mountain side and has been replaced with concrete sections.

It is now Monday morning and we arrived yesterday in Helena Montana. Our coach has been overheating now that we are back in higher temperatures. The most likely cause is a dirty radiator from all the dusty roads. We did a quick cleaning from the outside in Calgary but that did not eliminate the problem. Yesterday we had to stop twice on long grades to allow the engine to cool. The situation was exacerbated by a constant 20 MPH head wind. We will be here in Helena until Wednesday morning and plan to clean the radiator from the inside in the hopes that will solve the overheating. We also brought along a spare air filter and will be changing that. Our dogs have an appointment at Petsmart this morning for a bath and trim.

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