Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yesterday we dropped the dogs off at Petsmart for their appointment and then headed downtown to explore and visit the Cathedral of St Helena. Construction of the cathedral was started in 1908 and completed 10 years later. Here are a few exterior photos of the cathedral.

Here are some interior photos.

View toward altar

View from altar


After grabbing a bite to eat the dogs were ready so we headed back to the campground to clean the radiator and change the air filter on the motorhome. First we stopped at a thrift store and purchased a long sleeve sweat shirt to wear while working under the motorhome. We already had a pair of jeans for that purpose but needed something with long sleeves to keep the grease and dirt off my arms. We also purchased a one gallon garden sprayer to apply the cleaning solution to the inside of the radiator. This is accomplished by removing a panel in the closet and spraying the radiator form there and underneath the motorhome. We let the solution soak for fifteen minutes and then spray down with water using a long hose wand placed between blades of the fan from both the bedroom and underneath. We then started the engine and let the fan blow out the soap and water.

When we opened up the fan access in the bedroom closet and shined a flashlight we were surprised to see a large piece of insulation in the bottom of the shroud that had broke loose above the fan housing. There was another piece of insulation rubbing against the fan at the top. We were able to use a long grab tool and an awning wand to remove both. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the overheating problem is now resolved. We are heading to Billings in the morning and unfortunately the weather forecast is predicting very strong winds.

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