Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday afternoon we visited two museums in Valdez and learned how the town was completely devastated by the tsunami that resulted from the 1964 earthquake. The old town was in a location prone to flooding from snow and glacier melting so the decision was made to move the town. The present location of Valdez is about five miles from the original town. After 52 years one does not realize the town was ever at a different location.

Craig and Angie caught back up with us yesterday and at 5:30 PM we took them out to Solomon Gulch to view the salmon. That turned out to be fortuitous because a young grizzly bear showed up to feast on the salmon. This was the first grizzly bear Pam and I have seen in the wild. The night before only a few small black bears showed up and they remained in the woods. The sun was still shinning bright so we manged to get some quality photographs and a few videos.

Grizzly after fish

Grizzly catches fish

Yum yum

Look at those claws

We got about five minutes of video of this bear at close range. Here is approximately one minute of that video and we will provide a link to the full video.


Here is the link to the long version:

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