Friday, July 29, 2016

On Wednesday we drove the car up to Jasper and back. We decided to skip the Columbia Icefields Discover Center so we could get back to the campground early. We all got together at Rich and Joan's motorhome for a fairwell dinner under the awning. Seems everyone had slightly different plans for their journey home. In the morning we had a magnificent view of Mt Robson but missed the turn off for a photo. We made a mental note to get a photo on the way back, but as luck would have it, a cloud had formed at the top. Mt Robson is 12,972 feet and the highest point in the Canadian Rockies.

Mt Robson in the afternoon

Further up the road we cam across Moose Lake and stopped for a photo.

Moose Lake

We had packed a lunch and decided to stop at the picnic area at Yellowhead lake for a break.

Yellowhead Lake

Thursday morning we left early for the drive thru the park on the Icefield Parkway. Just as we made the turn onto the parkway from Highway 16 a very large grizzly bear crossed the road just in front of us. Pam was not able to get to the camera in time for a good photo but he is still visible in the center of the picture. Notice the jogger on the right. Wonder what she thought when that big boy crossed the road in front of her?

Grizzly in center of photo

About an hour after seeing the grizzly bear we made it to the Columbia Icefield Discover Center and stopped for a few photos.

Columbia Icefields Discover Cener

Glacier across the road

Typical view from the center

The lakes we saw along the parkway after the center were mind blowing. Here are a few photos but they do not do justice to what we saw.

We stayed the night at Calgary West Campground and will leave this morning for Shelby Montana. If all goes as planned we should lay our heads down back in the USA tonight.

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