Sunday, July 17, 2016

Yesterday we arrived back in Tok at the same campgroud we stayed at almost one month ago to the day. We spent a whole month sightseeing in the state of Alaska. If you count the five days we spent in Skagway and Haines then a little over a month. Remember those two communities are located on the strip of Alaska that borders British Columbia and the Yukon. After our visit there we traveled back into Canada before entering the main landmass of the state of Alaska.

We spent the last two days traveling from Valdez to Tok on what seemed like some of the worst road we have traveled. Although 99 percent of the road was paved, or sometimes patched, a very large portion of the highway undulated in a wave similar to a roller coaster. Occasionally we hit spots were two force vectors worked against forward travel; a vertical motion with the undulation and and a sideways motion with a tilt affect. We don't think anything in the cabinets were left undisturbed. The tricky part was that some of the road was reasonable enough to travel at up to 55 MPH and then all of a sudden chaos set in. We finally learned to just keep the speed down in anticipation of the next bad spot.

Our reward for that awful highway was supposed to be magnificent scenery but the weather was cloudy and wet masking all the views. We did not pick up the camera one time so we have no photos to post. Today we will journey back into Canada retracing our previous path until we reach Watson Lake. In Watson Lake we intend to branch off onto the Cassiar Highway and head to Jasper and Banff in the Canadian Rockies. We anticipate long periods without internet and phone service so this may be our last post for awhile.

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