Monday, July 30, 2018

Hart Ranch

While in Rapid City we camped at the Hart Ranch. The Hart Ranch is an outstanding campground that is well maintained with amenities such as a restaurant, service station, store, golf course, etc. Every Wednesday night in July and August the Hart Ranch puts on a rodeo at the campground. Pam wanted to attend the rodeo so we purchased tickets. That is why we had to cut short our time in Custer State Park to make it back in time for the rodeo. When we were in Cody, WY five years ago we went to a rodeo there but enjoyed the one at Hart Ranch more. Could be because it was smaller and you were closer to the action. We left Rapid City on Thursday and are now in Green Bay, WI to visit with Pam's brother before heading back home.

Entrance to Hart Ranch

Our campsite at Hart Ranch

Hart Ranch Redo

Bare back rider coming out of the gate

Hold on tight

Heck there goes my hat

Saddle rider out of the gate

There goes the hat

Ride does not end well

Video riding a bucking horse

In the next photos and the video watch the guy with the red shirt. I would not want his job. When a rider falls off a horse or bull he distracts the animal to give the fallen rider an opportunity to escape to safety.

Out of the gate on a bull


Woah bull, don't stomp the poor guy

I dare you to chase me

Whoops, guess I better climb this fence

Rider falls off bull and the decoy guy distracts the animal


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  2. Hart Ranch looks like a fun place to visit! I've never been to a ranch and now I have at least some idea of what it is like :)