Monday, May 30, 2016

Thursday we spent the night at a nice little city park campground in Claresholm, AB and I was lazy and did not take any photos. This is a small town that does not even have the proverbial Walmat but does have Roy's Place. What is Roy's Place you ask? It is a local restaurant where you can purchase a cinnamon bun large enough to make your eyes pop out. Check out this tiny URL:
If that don't light your fire then your wood is wet. Actual it is large enough for four people and Pam and I managed to have breakfast twice from that single bun.

We left Claresholm on Friday morning and stopped at a Costco's in Okotoks where we dazzled the locals with our parking skills. You an't had any fun until you try to squeeze four large motorhomes towing cars into a Costco parking lot like the one in Okotoks. From google maps it looked like there would be plenty of parking but as luck would have it everyone in Okotoks evidently decided to go to Costco last Friday. When we left we had to make a sharp right turn in front of the main entrance and I waved at a little girl who stared in amazement. Leaving Okotoks we got separated due to traffic lights and ended up taking slightly different routes to our next destination. It all turned out to be a non issue as we all arrived at the campground within minutes of each other.

We arrived at Bow RiversEdge Campground mid afternoon on Friday and plan to stay here for three nights.

This is a very well kept campground in Cochrane AB located about 30 kilometers north of Calgary. The sites are small but we managed to squeeze in. Check out our site and notice the Aspen up against the living room slide. Even with the narrow site the other side of the coach has a nice lawn area compete with fire ring and picnic table.

This campground is beside the Bow River with a scenic walkway along the river.

Friday evening everyone was invited over to our coach for hotdogs and buffalo sausage links that we had purchased at Costco. After the meal and some socializing everyone went back to their coaches and I took the dogs for a walk. As I was down on the river I received a frantic call from Pam telling me I needed to return and get the WiFi working. She was having a vision problem with her right eye. She has a friend who had a detached retina and did not seek medical attention for two days. She has nearly lost all her vision in that eye and Pam was concerned she could be in the same situation. A few calls around town had us going to an Emergency hospital in Calgary at 10:30 pm local time. The Emergency doctor diagnosed the problem as a posterior vitreous detachment and arrange for Pam to see an ophthalmologist at another hospital at 8:30 am the next morning.

We arrived back at the campground around 1;30 am and I was up at 5. Not much sleep for an old dog like me but there were a few opportunities for a nap during our five and half hour visit at the eye clinic. After being examined by three different doctors, the last being a retina specialist, the conclusion was that there was no immediate danger to the retina and Pam could continue to travel. The recommendation was that she should check in with an ophthalmologist when we reach Alaska to make sure the condition is stable. Remember we do not have medical coverage in Canada and all the medical service is out of pocket. Murphy strikes again! We will be covered in Alaska and may be able to recoup some of the cost incurred in Calgary when we get back home.

It is Sunday as I write this and we are about to visit the Calgary Tower for brunch. More on that later.

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